"The glass pane above my head begins to vibrate. I back into my room. Everything is rattling, but I’m not feeling dizzy, the way I do with a tremor. A boom rocks the house, vibrating through the wood floors. I stumble as something crashes downstairs.

     “Mom,” I yell, racing down to the living room. A Dutch blue plate that once hung in the dining room is sprawled in pieces across the floor. The hair on my arms stands on end.
      “Where are you?” I shriek, checking every room in our small house. Dad’s college graduation picture clatters on top of Mom’s desk. I hurry through the house in jerky steps.
      “Mom?” At the top of the stairs I lean into the cold plaster wall, resting my head against it as an uncontrollable sob escapes. Would she leave without me?
     The noise has become so intense it feels thick. My skull aches from the pressure. The shaking fern in the corner mimics my terror. What if she can’t hear me? Squeezing my hands over my ears, I sprint out of the empty house into the yard. Is it an airplane crashing, an air raid siren?
     Packs of people yell as they run toward the bomb shelter, many with cell phones out to record the catastrophe. I turn to see what they’re running from, and my mouth drops open.
     A group of diamond-shaped black ships streak in fiery arcs against the evening sky. One by one, they drop out of formation. New ones break through the clouds, engulfed in flames. A deafening boom shakes everything, including me, to the core. Following their trajectory, I notice dust rising from the housing development on the hillside above us. Black smoke curves out from the crash site, reminding me of giant spider legs as the shrapnel of the impact erupts into the air."

Fate of the Stars

FATE OF THE STARS arrives September 1, 2017

Copyright Arwen Paris - YA Author 2012-2017. All rights reserved. 

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